About Us

Our mission

Our purpose is to create impactful travel experiences through exceptional service to our clients; travelers who seek one-of-a-kind experiences and opportunities to create lasting memories.

who we are

We’re client-centric. That means we create trips around you, rather than fitting you to a pre-made package. We only work with reputable vendors so we can provide quality, trusted products & service.

Time is the most valuable asset in both planning & traveling.

how we help

We provide personalized service & custom itineraries for prime-of-life travelers & busy professionals, creating impactful travel experiences. Every client is unique, every trip is unique. 

where our expertise takes you

We love sending our clients to beautiful destinations all over the world. Our focus is more on the type of experience that can be had, rather than the destination. Our team members specialize in destinations all over the world!

We specialize in:

– Relaxing Getaways

– Celebration Travel

– Honeymoons, Babymoons, & “Family-moons”

– Family & Multi-generational Travel

what sets us apart

We strive to always be:

Approachable. We’ve been there & can relate to your needs & vacation goals.

Reliable. We devote our time so you can make the most of yours.

Detail-oriented. Your trip is fully tailored to you- you deserve an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience.

Inclusive. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and no two families are alike. We are here to help create the best possible experience, all shapes, sizes, colors and abilities!

why you should work with us

Our focus is to bring your vacation vision to life by:

– Handling the unexpected & stressful aspects of planning

– Providing insight & tips to help you efficiently prepare for your trip

– Utilizing our expertise & connections to deliver a VIP experience from start to finish.

Meet Our Team

emily oz

amber peebles

Michelle Rhoads

Mallory Lee

Ashley Clough

hunter cripe

Trusted Partners & certifications

Contact Us

How can we help? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or thoughts you have. Being a fully-online business, we can connect in multiple ways and are usually pretty easy to reach, even while we’re traveling.

Interested in a different destination than what we’ve showcased? Or maybe you aren’t even sure where you want to go yet? No worries, we’ve sent people all over the world. We use our connections and resources to help you, no matter where you’re off to next.

Feel free to click the button below to find a contact method you’re most comfortable with. We think we’re pretty chill and easy to talk to. We LOVE to talk travel and can’t wait to hear all about your travel vision! 


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Because we’re a boutique agency, we actually answer every email in a timely fashion. We may be on vacation ourselves, but we promise to always be here- a real person from our office, every time.

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